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turn your smartphone into diagrammer !!

have a sentence automatically diagramed for you

play with your own words and your own sentences

explore words, parts of speech and grammar

u're invited to a short journey to find out all the app secrets

grab the app and follow up on your phone

got it? let's move!

Sentence Diagrammer App 1

open the app

the blackboard is hungry for words

give it a touch

Sentence Diagrammer App 2

type something simple, let's say:

I love my cat

well, if you love somebody else, go ahead and change your sentence

just remember, names should start with a capital letter

tap [enter] to kick off

Sentence Diagrammer App 3

if u're on a slow connection or 4 long-long-long sentences, u may see a tiny green flash wandering around

it says: i'm diagramming 4 u, wait a second

u can cancel if u touch the screen or [back]

if the light turns red connection failed, and diagrammer retries

Sentence Diagrammer App 4

diagram appears

turn your phone sideways to give diagram more room

Sentence Diagrammer App 5

when u speak or read or type the words come out one by one like cars in a train, but words are not joined like cars

diagram shows how words are really connected to make up sense

okay, now, tap some words and explore the diagram

yellow sticker shows up

it tells important facts about the word: part of speech, categories and the special role the word plays

the role is called syntax and this is what diagrams are all about

Sentence Diagrammer App 6
Sentence Diagrammer App 7

learn how to get most out of screen space: move and resize the sticker, text and diagram

then turn orientation back and forth to restore layout

move the sponge east-west and adjust 4 your hands

now let's erase the blackboard

Sentence Diagrammer App 8

well, we all make mistakes but we fix them

let's make one on purpose and see what happens

type several [o] at the end and tap [enter]

Sentence Diagrammer App 9

yellow sticker makes a suggestion

when suggestion is wrong, tap outside the sticker or [back], sticker will go away and you can make your own correction

for now tap the suggestion to accept

Sentence Diagrammer App 10

sometimes u'll get more than 1 diagram

let's learn how to handle it

clean up the typo and type

set the cat in the hat

Sentence Diagrammer App 11

when diagram appears, watch the green hint in the right upper corner saying there are 2 diagrams

this diagram tells: place the cat into the hat

slide across the diagram to flip left or right

Sentence Diagrammer App 12

this diagrams tells: the cat wears the hat

why are there 2 diagrams?

because words may join differently to make sense

when words are connected differently the meaning is different

usually though u get multiple diagrams because diagrammer is not as smart as u are

it doesn't know which one is correct, so it offers them all

use your skills to choose the right one

u can double tap on a diagram to delete all the others

Sentence Diagrammer App 13
Sentence Diagrammer App 14

type something but don't tap [enter] and dismiss the keyboard with [back]

resize the text so it's comfortable 4 u

press and hold to open configuration

u can daigram up to 3 sentences at once, change the font and ask for help

that's all, diagrams are waitin' 4 u!

have fun!!